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We invite you to watch the new video!

Andriy Andrushko "Literacy Path"


R. Maguire  -  Orbits

During this wonderful period of summer sunny days, the Kharkiv Guitar Quartet is preparing several surprises for all of you!

Keep checking back for updates!

But for a moment, a little report about participation in the International microtonal symposium "Microtone: Small is Beautiful" (Salzburg, Austria). Many thanks to Agustín Castilla-Ávila and Richard Cameron-Wolfe!

On the video - piece "Mirage d'esprit" by Richard Cameron-Wolfe. It's written in microtonal technic (48 tones in the octave)"Mirage d'esprit" was written special to 10 year anniversary of the Kharkiv Guitar Quartet

30th of June


The International Ekmelic Music Society, in co-operation with the Mozarteum University Salzburg, presents a five-day Virtual Symposium "Small is Beautiful" focusing on microtonal music. The final presentation on Day 1 features Richard Cameron-Wolfe's 48-tone microtonal guitar quartet Mirage d'esprit, in a video performance by the Kharkiv Guitar Quartet - Sergii Gorkusha, Maksym Trianov, Iryna Polovynka, and Andrii Brahin. The presentation also includes a conversation about the inception of the work and the close collaboration between Cameron-Wolfe and the Quartet.

With this link it is possible to watch for free the whole symposium "Mikrotöne: Small is Beautiful" between the 30th of June and the the 4th of July:


Meeting-ID: 976 8043 5755

Code: 386308


Our performance on Plan B Fest Online 2020


A. Castilla-Avila - Caged Music IV


12th of April
COME IN art gallery (Kharkov, Danilevskogo st., 26)


"New sounds on the guitar"

Agustin Castilla-Avila and Kharkov Guitar Quartet


Agustín Castilla-Avila, vice-president of the International Ekmelic Music Society (Austrian Microtonal Society), worked as a composer in Europe, Asia and the USA. His music was conducted by D. Russell-Davies, J. Kalitzke, T. Ceccherini, A. Soriano, H. Lintu and H. Schellenberger, among others. He has written solo and chamber music, orchestral, theater plays, choreographies and five chamber operas. He has published for Doblinger Verlag and Joachim Trekel.



Ph. Glass - String quartet #2



28th of February
COME IN art gallery (Kharkov, Danilevskogo st., 26)


American composer Richard Cameron-Wolfe returns to Kharkov to offer three contrasting compositions - two of them very closely connected to the Kharkov musical community. 
The 1994 guitarist “micro-opera” Heretic, because of its extreme technical difficulty and dramatic-theatrical challenges, had to wait 18 years before its premiere, which was performed at the Zhitomir Festival in 2012 by Kharkov guitarist Sergey Gorkusha. 
The 1990 cello/piano composition Time Refracted was originally created as “an environment” for modern dance, and it invites the audience members to imagine choreography as they listen. 
The centerpiece of the concert will be the world premiere of Cameron-Wolfe’s 2015 cantata Breathless, written for mezzo-soprano, cello, and guitar quartet, which was composed in close collaboration with the Kharkov Guitar Quartet. It is in six sections, setting the ancient mystical poetry of Fakhruddin Iraqi, St. Teresa of Avila, Sisupacala, Lao-Tsu, Mechthild of Magdeburg, and Kabir.


Anna Bychkova - mezzo-soprano
Zoltan Almashi - cello
Dmitriy Maliy - piano
Kharkov Guitar Quartet: Sergey Gurkusha, Maxim Trianov, Irina Polovinka, Andrey Bragin

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

June, 3 - International contemporary music festival "Kharkiv Contemporary"

the radio program

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